About Us

About Us Garlands Shooting Ground was founded in 1980 by father and son Robert and Ian Garland who were then joined by James Garland in 1984. The business then consisted of a small shop and a basic shooting ground.

Over the years the business has evolved and now has 7 staff employed within the Company.

Now the Shooting Ground has a wide variety of disciplines, the shop has been greatly expanded and a bar and restaurant were added in 1991

In February 2007 Garlands purchased Gamekeepa Feeds and Supplies which supplies all types of game rearing and release equipment.

Ian Garland left the company in 2010 to concentrate on his Falcon business.

In 2012 Steve Lovatt came to use the shooting ground on Sundays , we the purpose of organising 100 bird CPSA competitions with some of the most testing targets available in the UK. This was so sucessfull , we were pround to Host the British Sporting Championships in 2014, 2015, 2020 and 2023. Since 2020 he now offers practice days from Thursday to Saturday on his competition targets.

In November 2013 Robert 'Bob' Garland sadly passed away and the business is now owned by his son James and wife Brenda Garland.